Tuesday, January 4, 2011

blogging from miss breighann's couch.
we've had quite the interesting afternoon, complete with talks of ex boyfriends, creepers, and lots of sing-alongs. jaz,breigh,and i always have a wonderful time.. :)
p.s. breigh is having surgery on her gall bladder on thursday. pray for her please and thanks. :)

i ate lunch with my little brother,Tucker, today. he was so excited! he couldn't wait to tell all of his 5th grade buddies about his "cool" sister that has a tattoo and doesn't eat meat. "guys.. my sister is a vegetarian that has a tattoo. and she's in college. she's cool."
my brother is too cute.

i have nothing else to say.
just like every other day.
maybe tomorrow will be different. lets hope.
xo hay


  1. aw! sounds like a lovely day to me. especially the part about the lunch date with your brother!
    i wish i could sit at home all day and enjoy time with my best friend. stupid school.

    oh... and i hope you've managed to squeeze a little time in your day to write a letter to me. you know. just a reminder. no rush or anything :)

  2. Because I like your blog so much (I read it every day), I just tagged you for a blog award. If you want to, you can see it on my blog. It's a german award for innovative new bloggers. :)


  3. ... I can translate if you want to know, btw. :)


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