snow days + meatless burgers + betsey johnson

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I just got a comment from Miss Liz about the Burlesque costume I'm in awe over, and she told me Betsey Johnson has a swimsuit much like the risque costume I want, want, want. And now I need, need, need this swimsuit! Holy cute, I need it. Thank you, Liz, this just made my day SO much better. :)

Anyways, I've been struggling with this whole vegetarianism thing a bit lately - not because I have an overwhelming desire to eat meat, but because I'm constantly reminded that my family doesn't exactly support my decision to go through with it. Butttt... I peaked in the freezer the other night and noticed a special something my momma picked up for me while she was grocery shopping..
Vegan burgers! Isn't she the sweetest? They are kinda gray looking...and rather lifeless, but they taste alright, and its a good substitute when I'm craving something with a meaty texture. Not bad at all!
Today was my first snow day as a college student, and I was so excited. Last night, I was not looking forward to school at all. So, I was beyond thrilled when I got the text that classes were cancelled. Now I don't have class until Tuesday. So. Stoked. And tomorrow is a snow day (again) for my little brothers and my momma. So they'll be home, while I'm at work, but thankfully I only work for a few hours, so I can go right back home and put on my pajamas and watch movies with my family. I love them oh so much. :)
xo. Haley.


  1. you should try the morning star grillers. they are SOO much better than the boca :)

  2. i know what you mean. i'm the lone vegetarian in my entire family (minus an aunt and uncle). my mom's parents actually grilled me about it when they found out! but now, 3 years later, they are fully 100% supportive.

  3. hi haley i always read your blog, it's one of my everyday-blog haha but i never post comments aaaaand i want to change that :D i'd love to have snow days here, but in Chile where i live, it doesn't snow :(

  4. That swim suit is sooo cute.

    ps love your hair :)

  5. Haha I knew you would love that suit!!
    And I don't know how long you've been vegetarian but give your fam some time--they'll come around. I come from a big Mexican MEAT LOVING family and when I was pescetarian for awhile at first my mom wasn't so supportive but after a couple months she started calling me before she made dinner, asking what kind of fish/veggies I liked ;)

  6. Yay for being a vegetarian! I'm going on 3 years and it has been wonderful! My family (with the exception of my mom) gave me a really hard time about it in the beginning. Now, they all know that it is something I am serious about and that what they say isn't going to change it. Now when I go to family dinners they always have something prepared just for me :) it is very sweet. I encourage you to just tell them why it matters to you and that you don't expect them to change, but you do expect them to respect your decisions.

  7. that swim suit is amazing. it gave me a couple t-shirt ideas. you should definitely try morning star farms veggie products, or garden burger brand meatless patties. both of those brands blow boca out of the water. you might also like to try quorn, which is an other meatless, soy-free brand. i try not to eat a lot of soy so i eat quorn patties sometimes. the only thing is that, and i've heard this from other people, something about the ingredients in them make some people sick feeling. i thought i might suggest it at least, though! best of luck with the vegetarian thing!

  8. You MUST try the black bean burgers! I can't remember if they are Morning Star or Boca brand, but they have a southwestern flavor to them and are delicious!


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