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Sunday, January 9, 2011

what i wore last night... now i wish i had a legit, full picture of my outfit. it was cuuuute.
lately, i have been obsessed with fashion blogs. i could spend hours upon hours looking through chictopia and lookbook... i have before, and i will tomorrow, most likely. haha.
fashion blogging is weird to me, though. i mean, who just decides one day that they have a good enough sense of fashion to share it with the world? and what's even more astounding to me is that people get popular off of it, too. admittedly, as i said before, i love fashion; i love blogs; so it makes sense to love blogs about fashion. but its just a strange concept to me. i did one post before on an outfit i wore one day (and it was lame), and i must say - it is actually really fun to share your outfit of the day. i enjoyed it quite a bit. i may try to do that more in the future, if you all don't mind.. :) p.s. you can look on my flickr for some of my past favorite outfits of mine.
i do have 3 favorite bloggers that i always keep on the lookout for though:

*lily of llymlrs. i think i like lily the most. her outfits are much like my own; we have very similar styles. and i always find her outfits to be the most wearable, in my own humble opinion, that is. also. i am in love with her hair, just like everyone else that follows her. this is my most favorite outfit of hers. its so simple and girly.

*coury of fancy treehouse. holy gosh, this girl is cute. she has such a whimsical style about her, and she's just the cutest. and she has just about the most adorable blog in the world, too. everything about coury is cute (even her name is cute. gosh). i want to grow up and be like her. minus the blonde hair. that wouldn't look good on me. :) *miss elsie of a beautiful mess. elsie's blog is who i go to when i need a vintage-fashion fix. her daily outfit posts are always full of vintage & thrifted goodness, and she works wonders when mixing prints. i'm super stoked about her new makeover feature, as well as Red Velvet Gets Fancy. she's always been a fantastic source of inspiration, but as of lately, her blog has been filled to the brim with cute clothes and pretty things. looove.

So, I may try my hand at fashion blogging in the near-ish future. Maybe.
But, in the meantime, this sick girl needs to get her rest. I've been on the couch all day and I still feel nasty. Tomorrow will most likely be the same too. I'm hoping its not a snow day for my brothers, because as hard as I used to pray for snow days when I was in school, I very much treasure my precious alone time at home. So cross your fingers that they'll go to school tomorrow!
xo Hay


  1. i've been thinking about this topic as well. i love reading personal blogs that feature outfits from time to time, but i always think that i would feel awkward taking pictures of my own outfits. i love looking at urban weeds street style- have you seen that one?

  2. I say DO IT! I love seeing people's fashion! Always inspiring. Love the new look of the blog! :)

  3. i love doing my fashion feature, but once a week is enough for me. i dont know HOW they do it every day.

    my favorite is

  4. Speaking of miss coury have you heard the band she was in castledoor. They were just lovely I miss them so. But sadly they broke up. If you haven't you should check them out.


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