Sleigh Bells + Neon Indian.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yesterday, Blake and I went to Kansas City to celebrate our 6 month anniversary. We had such a good day just walking around the Plaza, doing some shopping (I got the LOL Cam from UO. Totally stoked about using it), and got yummy red velvet layered cheesecake. Seriously so good. Here's a few Instagrams of our day :)
I got a much needed pedicure while I was in St. Louis after going to Florida. Blake was such a boy, and wouldn't get one. Lameo!I got this at Forever 21 yesterday. And it was so hot outside, I put it on like right after I bought it. And I have yellow nails. Neon Indian! I have never listened to them before, and I was very impressed. Not necessarily my favorite kind of music (hello, Band of Horses is my favorite band. haha) but I enjoyed it a lot. A lot a lot.Sleigh Bells. So good live. So good. I freaked out a little though. But I still enjoyed it, despite the fact that I had a headache, couldn't breathe, and had to keep my head down most of the time. But I loved it!

Ps. Have you seen this photo??
Its from the photobooth at Elsie & Jeremy's wedding. I love it so much! It's pretty much the cutest ever. Love love love.



  1. That picture from the wedding is absolutely adorable!

  2. That photo of you two, I die from the cuteness!<3

  3. Oh my lawd, that photo of you two is amazing! Blake gets awesome points for the suspenders. And you get awesome points for yellow nails. :]


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