The Midwest Indies!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Like I mentioned yesterday... last night was my first time seeing Blake play with his band, The Midwest Indies. I was so excited! They were actually very good, and I'm super looking forward to their next show in July.
The show was a benefit concert for Joplin, so a ton of people came and donated money and all that jazz. A girl in Springfield that makes clothes was selling them last night at the show, and was donating 25% of her profit to Joplin. All of the skirts she made were so stinking cute.
Speaking of clothes.... The Midwest Indies got their new t-shirts in. Seriously, how creative was this idea?! Want one? I'm gonna talk them into letting me sell them on Etsy... ;)
I'm super proud of you, Mr. Tucker!
xo Haley

ps. check out Blake's favorite albums of the year so far on his blog!


  1. I'll hold one specially for you, Janel for whenever Haley and I come see you! Hopefully soon!

  2. I just wanted to let you know that the tattoo you have is the exact tattoo I want on my foot. I've been looking forever for a sewing tattoo that is dainty yet meaningful and that is exactly it! I can't stop thinking about it!


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