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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Outfit details
top - full tilt//tank, necklace, shorts, sandals - forever 21// sunglasses - target

I am so overwhelmed with this whole getting a new job thing.
I kinda just wanted time to chill out and enjoy the summer for a while. But. I have a car payment and a Starbucks habit to fund, so I need a job!
Breigh and I spent the morning scouring the internet for jobs and such yesterday, and I found a ton of cute little jobs around Springfield - including the girl's store Justice (Justin Bieber t-shirt central! HOLLA), and Build-a-Bear (seriously. cutest. ever). I also applied for a job at health care place to take care of some old folks. Not quite my first choice... but my friend Cassie works there, and she loves it. So anyways, I applied, and I got a call today! I have an interview on Monday. I'm excited/nervous (my 2nd job interview ever! the first being with Elsie at Red Velvet - so that was super relaxed - I have a feeling this one won't be the same. Haha). Wish me luck!
But I'm still keeping my options open... if I end up getting an interview for Justice.. totally gonna try to work there! ;)

Have a good afternoon, loves!
xo Haley

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  1. SUCH an adorable outfit, I love it! Oh you interviewed at Red Velvet?! OMFD, how awesome! :D


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