Wedding planning, thus far.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We have a date! We were wanting a June wedding, but the heat so far this June (and it's only the fifth!) has us convinced otherwise. Our families both agreed upon September 28, 2013. So we have fifteen months to go! Hopefully you'll stick around for the journey! I definitely plan on posting progress of planning as we go along. And I'm super excited!
Anyways, we originally picked June 22, 2013. Come to find out, Dad apparently has a "BBQ competition" already scheduled for that date. What? Seriously? So, we nixed that date. It wasn't until this past weekend we started tossing the idea around of a wedding in September. It seemed to be the least busy month for my family, so we scouted out some dates. After some talking, we had our hearts set on September 28th. Why? Because it's my grandparent's anniversary. (And grandma is SO excited to share!) 
Our first choice location isn't available on that date because of a fall craft festival (that I NEVER miss, but it looks like I'll be missing it next year...). So, it looks like we'll have to search elsewhere. Last night, my mom and I started a list of places we want to visit. I think we are going to try and fit in a visit or two this weekend while one of my bridesmaids (Claire!!) is in town. Excited to start the planning process for real!
We haven't even talked about size OR budget yet (scary topics we are avoiding, yikes!) ... so that may influence a few choices of venue. 
Did your first choice venue ever fall through? What did you do?
xo Haley


  1. I found that settling on a place is the first step, and everything gets easier once that is decided. I also got a package where all I had to do is make decisions instead of look for everyone (photographer, caterer, dj, etc.) on my own. I think that's what made it hardly any stress at all. Good luck with everything! I'm sure it will be wonderful, and the date is perfect :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  2. I am currently in basic basic planning stages for my wedding and we set our hearts on a Virginia fall wedding because it is just magical that time of year. I can't say anything for a venue falling through, especially one I loved but I do understand how tasking it can be. We are having a relatively small wedding so we are actually looking at vacation rental properties vs the traditional venue options since it is going to be much more of a DIY, rustic wedding. Good luck with everything and I cannot wait to watch your wedding journey! You are going to make a beautiful bride :)


  3. have you heard of samuel cedars? might be worth a lookie.

  4. Your grandparents' wedding anniversary? Oh my gosh. So sweet.

  5. As Denise said, if you are looking for outdoor venues, Samuel Cedars is pretty awesome! They have a beautiful outdoor ceremony area and a great indoor area that can be strung up with lights. Some friends of mine got married there in November and it was my best experience yet.


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