Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Obsessing Over wedding locations. As I mentioned yesterday, our original location fell through because we aren't willing to budge on the date, so we are looking elsewhere. We have around 4 different locations, 3 of which cost $1200+, which is a big shock because we were looking at paying around $200-300 for our first location. So, needless to say... we'll definitely be spending more money than we intended...and I need to sweet talk my daddy. :)

Working on school things. The summer semester started on Monday, and I'm already dreading the next two months. I have like 5 projects due on my birthday! What fun is that?!

Thinking about all the fun that Claire and I are going to have this weekend! She'll be here Friday-Monday. So we have a weekend packed full of fun things to do (including her very first trip to Red Velvet! As well as visiting some wedding venues!)

Listening to the beautiful silence known as nap time. :) Other than that, currently playing on my iPod (or more like, my Spotify account) is this song. It was the song behind the Hatfields & McCoys previews... definitely made the show look better than it was... I just couldn't get too into it.

Wishing for tonight & Thursday to be done with so Claire can be here! Getting so excited! ... I need to do some grocery shopping first. :)

Last night I watched a miniseries that was on over in the UK (and maybe in the US? I don't know), about the Titanic.  It was a rather interesting take on a story we all know by heart. I enjoyed it, but I certainly wouldn't watch it again. If I'm going to watch 3 hours worth of a ship sinking, you can bet I'll be spending that 3 hours watching Leo ;)

Have a happy Wednesday!
I'm off to read a little before the kiddos wake up!
xo  Haley


  1. I loveeeee Leo. He is an amazing actor. Also, that venue you posted on instagram is gorgeous!

    Amanda Rose

  2. What. The Hatfields and the McCoys was so phenomenal.

    1. I liiiiked it, but the second part kinda dragged on for me.


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