New Blog Read: Independent Gentleman

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Good morning! I would love to introduce you to a new blog read! My friend Zach (a friend from Hipster Tuesday) just started a blog, called Independent Gentleman. Based on the first introduction post her wrote yesterday, I can tell it's going to be an awesome guys lifestyle blog with a little music and movie stuff mixed in there. There's not enough guy bloggers out there! Zach has been talking a lot about this new blog, so I'm super excited to see how the blog progresses over the next few weeks! Hopefully, you'll follow along too. :)
To give you a taste of what Independent Gentleman is going to be about, you can just take a look at Zach's instagram feed - the guy has impeccable style!

Be sure to check out his blog, instagram (@jfkjrjr), and Twitter! Oh, and ladies - he's single. ;)

xo Haley

ps, while I'm here, Blake's band, The Midwest Indies, just finished their album! It's not ready for purchase just yet (it'll be on iTunes in a few weeks), but for now, you can stream it here. Give it a listen!

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