I used to be a musical theatre geek.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A way long time ago, I was so sure that musical theatre was IT for me. My home was on Broadway. I was SO sure of it. It's crazy how things change right? :)
My iPod was filled to the brim with original cast recordings and you'd have to scroll through the hundreds of "Cast Of's..." to get to 'real' music. Ridiculous!
Well, I thought it would be fun to show you a few photos from mine (and Colby Kern's!) time in a local production of The Music Man. :)

 Colby, the ladies man. ;)

That was a summer well spent! I even convinced my fantastic parents to join me, and they loved it so much they did a show the next year without me! (They were in Hello Dolly!) This was my last show to have ever done, and I miss it so much. I need to get involved in theater again.
What's something you used to be super involved in? I'd love to hear about it. :)

xo Haley


  1. These photos are fantastic, thanks for sharing! I used to fire twirl. It was so exciting and fun, something i miss all of the time. x

  2. I used to play piano for 8 years growing up and I have not played in a long long long time. I hope I can still remember how to play!

  3. The guy on the far right in the last photo is very familiar. You didn't happen to play in that schools "Seussical" around 2005,did you?

  4. Yes! He played Horton, the elephant. :)
    I wasn't in it, I was only in 8th grade at the time. :)

  5. Oh goodness- that shows my age lol. I went to Republic (where we happened to be putting on the same show) and we got to watch one of your shows. I played the Sour Kangaroo in ours. Fun times!


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