Dream Venue + Wedding Planning Woes

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's so crazy that our wedding date is still 15 months away, yet we have a lot of the *big* details (and even a few details) planned. We have a caterer (my dad, actually!), our wedding party is pretty much all picked (yay!), a photographer, a possible videographer, invites + programs are being designed right now, we're working on the venue (it's proving to be the most stressful part), and we've got a lot of our music planned out. 
It is incredibly exciting, and such a happy time - I just want it all to go by so much faster. I'm not taking my time and actually enjoying it... I've been so excited about getting married and having a wedding since I was like two years old, so I'm ready to get the party started! I thought that I would enjoy the whole planning process, but as it turns out - I'm just stressed out (and so is my momma! haha!) But - it doesn't matter how it happens or when it happens, I just want to get married to Blake. That's all that matters. :) 

The photos are all from our dream wedding venue, Miss Gilmore's Carriage House. I had no idea this place even existed until I searched high and low on Google, and just stumbled upon it. I blogged about this a few weeks ago, but we went and visited it while Claire was in town and we fell.in.love. While we were there, the woman who runs the venue kept mentioning that she hated her website. Well, my dad's best friend is a graphic designer (and is designing our invites) and he offered to completely redesign her website in exchange for the wedding venue for our wedding. I was ecstatic when I heard that he was willing to offer that to her, and yesterday I got the news that they brought up the offer to her...and she hired someone to do a new website last week. Imagine my bummed out attitude while I was out at the movies with Blake! All I wanted to do was get out of there. I feel bad for being so bummed out about it for so long yesterday, because I know that being sad about things (while useful for some, it never helps me), doesn't get anything done. And just because she couldn't accept the offer, it doesn't mean we have to give up the venue! It just means we're going to have to move things around in our budget and continue sweet talking my dad. The only other option if all that doesn't work out is moving our wedding date so we can have our original wedding location. So nervous, but I know it'll all work out the way it's supposed to. 

And like I said - in the end, I get to marry Blake and that's all that matters. :) 

Thanks for letting me vent! Sometimes I just need to write it all down and get it out of my system - plus, it'll be great to read back on all these wedding woes after we're married and get a good laugh out of it. :)

xo Haley

*Photos from @alissaclaire on Instagram :) 


  1. Beautiful photos. I love this place it seems very you!

    Amanda Rose

  2. Oh my goodness, that place is amazing. Wow.

    Sooo, I'm completely in love with your blog... you and Blake are adorable! When I saw that you two were engaged, I was more excited than is probably socially acceptable. I was even more excited when I found out where he proposed, because I live in St. Charles! haha!


  3. It’s always better to be prepared. It allots you ample time for sudden changes and adjustments. 10 months is still quite long though. I hope you two stay in love no matter what. :D Is this barn still the venue? I think it would be really nice to carry it out there. A country theme and a nice environment – in and out!


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