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Monday, May 21, 2012

You wanna know why?

The Bachelorette.

My crazy obsession with the show started not too terribly long ago when Breigh made me watch clips of a previous season. It just so happened that Brad's (2nd) season had just started, and was probably only 3 or so episodes in. So, I spent a day catching up on Hulu and then watching faithfully every Monday night after that. I even made Blake watch the finale and then ran to get ice cream between the finale and the After the Final Rose Ceremony.

Since then, Ashley has been the Bachelorette, Ben was the Bachelor (worst season e v e r) and now Emily, America's sweetheart, is the new Bachelorette. I am SO stoked.
I'm not one for reality tv, but this is seriously my guilty pleasure.

Since Ashley S. was booted off on Bachelor Brad's season, she's been running the blog Say No To Cosmo, where she recaps every episode and writes about other dating related things (she's been my favorite contestant ever, I just love her!) She provided this awesome bracket to fill out for the upcoming season... I have mine filled out, do you?!
I am *always* guilty of looking up Reality Steve's blogs... and I found out who the final 4 are... and only two of my guys are correct! But oh well, I'm keeping the same bracket. It'll be fun to see how well I did on the other weeks!
Anyways... I just wanted to fill you on Ashley's blog! Let me know if you fill out a bracket! Maybe I'll share mine next week!
xo Haley

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  1. YESSSSS!!! Another Bach fan! We have weekly parties and rotate houses each week!


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