Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Obsessing over my new blog layout! It's so girly and cute - perfect for me! It was done by Steven Andrew - he's one of Colby's blog pals, and I love Colby's layout, so I knew I could trust Steven with mine! I think he did a fantastic job. :)

Working on wedding invites with my dad. Who knew I'd be designing these with my papa?! One of his bff's is a graphic designer, and so we found a few examples that I like and he's going to create something for us! I'm so excited about this - he designed my grad party invites a few years ago, and they were so adorable (Dr. Seuss themed - My mom's idea).

Thinking about getting a pet fish. My apartment doesn't allow pets (or so I thought, but I'm seeing a lot of dogs around lately), and I need an animal of some sort to call my own. Ever since I can remember I've wanted a dog but my parents never let me get one, so I swore I'd get one when I moved out. And where did I move to? An apartment that doesn't allow pets. So. A fish it is. And maybe I'll save the dog for when Blake and I get married.

Listening to this song. It's so hilarious. I love Lana Del Rey... and I love Hunger Games, so obviously this was spoof is funny to me.

Wishing for the next week or so to speed by. I'm so done with school.

xo Haley

Top - Forever 21// Skirt, necklace - borrowed from roommate :) // Belt - Target// Bracelet - Forever 21


  1. Your new design is darling :)

  2. LOVE your heart top! And I'm SO ready to be done with school, too!

  3. I love your new layout and I love that song!!! xo

  4. I love the new design! It's so lovely.


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