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Friday, May 11, 2012

Life gets so crazy sometimes. It's (nearly) finals week and I've been scrambling to finish projects and get everything in order so finals week won't be as stressful as it usually is. But enough about that - one of my very best friends is graduating high school today! Claire, you are the best, best, best! I can't wait to see you soon (because I just want you know - yes, you will be road tripping here this summer, even if I have to come down there and kidnap you!) I stayed the night with Breigh last night. We ate chinese food (Oriental Inn is the best in the area, I'm not joking), we watched Friends, looked at apartments online, and wedding planned and painted our nails. Essentially, we got nothing of importance done. And that's what's happening today. We're currently watching What Not To Wear and napping. I love days like this. I love my best friends. 

So, in honor of school being (basically) over and the weather is getting so nice as of lately - I wanted to share my summer playlist with you all! It is full of new and old songs, all of my favorites from the past few years. A ton of these remind me of my final days of high school, when Breigh and I got in the habit of hitting up Sonic for Happy Hour and then going tanning... we were silly girls! Anyways - enjoy my extremely eclectic early summer mix!

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xo Haley


  1. "Due to licensing restrictions, some or all
    tracks may be unavailable for playback
    in your country."

    This makes me sad because I was gonna have this as my study soundtrack tonight! I'm a Springfield girl too, but am studying in the Netherlands this semester. And unfortunately I'm not free yet! Congratulations on being done! Have an Ocean Water for me!

  2. To be honest, listening to new songs that I've never heard of before is tricky because usually, I just plain don't like them, but this little playlist is beautiful! I'm only about halfway through, but props to you, ma'am!


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