Disney Dreaming

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I went to Disney World for the first time when I was 7 years old. My family went on a vacation to Florida to stay with my dad's sister (she lives there) for the week. On the very last day of our vacation, we got to spend the day in Magic Kingdom. This was such a big deal because as everyone knows... Disney World is not cheap. It was seriously a dream come true, even though I can't remember it now, and I only have pictures to remind me. We went again when I was 10 (my birthday was actually right in the middle of our trip!) - my dad's company has an annual week long meeting in some random location, and that year, it was in Disney World, so that families could come along. This was an even bigger dream come true for me (and my family) because we were able to stay at the Contemporary Resort (which is like, top notch, let me tell you). We got to spend an entire week on Disney property, and got to visit every single park (some more than once!). I spent my birthday celebrating with Mickey and Minnie, and to this day, I still remember eating breakfast in Cinderella's castle. That trip to Disney is by far my favorite memory, even though I can't clearly remember it these days. (Old person brain!)


I'm getting married! The whole thing is still sinking in, seeing as I've been planning my wedding for years. And I'm coming to find... with Pinterest at my finger tips 24/7, I basically have all that I want to do for my wedding completely planned out. All that I have to do is book things, and start the hundreds and hundreds of DIY projects. And with over a year until the actual wedding, I've got time to get this stuff done. So... my attention has been focused on the honeymoon! Blake and I have decided on... Disney World (didn't see it coming, right? Haha!). We've been reading all the books and the websites and talking all.the.time about Disney related things... and I can't wait! I think we are more excited about Disney World than the actual wedding! 

Looking through Disney blogs and such, it kinda makes me wish I was more of a princess kinda girl. If I were, I would totally force my parents into a Disney World wedding. Those things are stinking expensive though! But seriously. They look amazing! I'm sure my parents are glad they aren't going to have to shell out for a destination wedding of that level. :) 

I just wanted to share this today! We have Disney on the brain over here! So if you have any fun stories or tips, feel free to share! We *love* hearing about Disney vacations! It's our current obsession. :) 

xo Haley


  1. On my trip to disney when I was a wee little tot (about 7 or 8) my family got picked out of the crowd to ride on a float in a parade! It was amazing.

    Also, my entire wedding is DIY and on pinterest, too!

    Amanda Rose

  2. oh my goodness, this is my dream! My family is going to Disney for my 21 birthday next summer and I'm thinking about Disney constantly as well. We went a few years back, and I would definitely recommend getting a meal plan. They seem really expensive at first, but in the end it saves you tons of money, and the stress of keeping a strict budget on food. Also, if you get the one with the fancy dining it really really saves money, plus you get some really great dining experiences! You probably already knew this from the Disney site, but I just thought I'd say that it really is worth it! :)


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