Like Crazy.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

So Blake and I rented Like Crazy a few nights ago, and hello, tearjerker. I have to say - I didn't cry at all, probably because I just wasn't in the mood to cry, but it's seriously a sad movie. A sad-happy movie. Whatever. I liked it. It brought back a lot of those feelings. Those weirdo, so in 'love' you can hardly stand it, kind of feelings.

Although I loved it (like, really, really loved it), I think it tried a little to hard to be relevant with today's younger crowd (with references like Nylon Magazine & shopping at Topshop... it was just a bit too much for me). But over all, I super suggest you see it if you haven't yet. It's pretty much in my favorites category now; I really need to go out and buy it. And, may I just say. I'm totally crushing on Anton Yelchin. Holy cute boy alert!

Have you seen Like Crazy yet?

xo Haley
*goose bumps all over again watching that trailer!*

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  1. I watched it a couple of weeks ago. SO sad.
    Almost too sad for me!
    I loved her poem in the movie, though. Loved.
    I agree about the trying to be relevant...
    Also, sad endings really bum me out, even though it is realistic.
    I hated that the end of the movie is basically like, "Yep, they'll never work after all they've been through..." : (

  2. It does look terribly cute. I love movies like that...I stopped watching the trailer half way through though because it looked like it was going to show me the entire movie! Haha, I hate that about movie trailers..

  3. I watched it a while ago. I have a serious love/hate relationship with this one. I enjoyed the story of it, but it was just so heartbreaking. It was much more real and emotionally raw than I had expected... to the point that still every time I see a similar chair I flinch. That seemed so poignant to me. Would I watch it again? Sure, if I prepared my heart to be kicked around a bit. hehe. I think it might be in my fav category too, just not exactly sure for what reason. ;-)


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