Lana Del Rey is perfect for those rainy days.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today was so dreary and rainy, but Colby & I had the most fabulous afternoon laughing, eating too many cinnamon melts from McDonalds, listening to music (Madonna's new album leaked! Eee!) and painting. We listened to Lana Del Rey a good majority of the day... 
Funny story. A while back, Colby and I were at MSU redesigning our blogs and just hanging out, and we started talking about Lana Del Rey and discussing how we *hated* her. "Born to Die" had recently been the free download on iTunes, and we had both downloaded it, so we sat and listened to it. We were both like, "ugh, ew, this is so boring and stupid." 
WELL. An hour or two later, we are still in the same room, listening to Born to Die for the millionth time in a row. This time, the reaction was, "well, this isn't so bad...I actually kinda like how dramatic it is..." 
And the rest is history. We now are probably her biggest fans and I think today would tell you flat out - we love Lana Del Rey. Our paintings today were completely dedicated to her. Ha! Imagine that.... 
Colby's finished product is the painting that says "Born to die." Mine are the other 3, and I used lyrics from 3 different songs for each. For Colby's painting and mine that reads "This is what makes us girls," we used a slight variation on Elsie's paint by numbers DIY. The other paintings I did say "It's a love story for the new age" and "Summer's in the air & heaven's in your eyes." Ah, I just love Lana.

Tomorrow is back to work day for me! I haven't seen my kiddos since last Monday. Oh, how I've missed those cute little faces! It's spring break though, so my hours are strange and I get to work 3 days in a row. So that definitely makes up for missing a whole week... sigh.

xo Haley

pea ess. Remember how I said that I can't go long without wanting to change up my room?
Well.... yeah. I spent most of this morning rearranging everything! So expect photos of that soon! ♥


  1. Its weird that I have not heard of Lana Del Rey until today. I heard of her TWICE today! Bazaar. Love the paintings ,though.

    Amanda Rose

  2. I love your paintings and I love Lana Del Rey, off to listen to her now :) xo


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