Wednesday, March 7, 2012

As you might've noticed.. things have been changing here on the old blog. I got really bored with the way things were, so I switched a few things up, then changed some more, then changed it back, then changed some more. I just can't decide on what I want (worst feeling ever).
So excuse the mess for now, while I keep trying to figure out what I want to do with my little corner of the internet. This might take a few days. Or so. :)

In the mean time - things that have been going on:
*I worked 38 hours in the past couple of days.... I feel like I've been here non.stop.
*I leave for St. Louis on Friday. Blake is going to see Radiohead, I'm going to meet baby Amelia.
*I visited the dentist yesterday (perfect teeth, no cavities), but I walked out with an appointment to get my wisdom teeth out. Next Wednesday. Yikes.
*Blake and I have been on a "break." Not like, a break up break, but a "re-evaluate what we're doing and fix the stuff that's not right" kind of break. It's been for the best, and has made us a lot better as individuals and as a couple.
*I'm getting frustrated over everyone that is like, "research before supporting the anti-Kony movement." SERIOUSLY? Even if Invisible Children fudged a few statistics and facts for the sake of their video, if they can save one child's life, it was done for a good cause. People are ridiculous.
*I'm really, really tired. I need like 10 hours of sleep each night, and I got a little over 5. No bueno.
*One of my teachers (of an online class) got canned! He never gave us any assignments, but when we actually did stuff for class, he never gave any feedback/graded anything. Hahaha. Sucker. I'm glad we have a new teacher now!

Have a wonderful Wednesday. Don't let the crazy wind blow you away if you're in the Midwest. :)

xo Haley


  1. I've been involved with Invisible Children off and on for the past four years so I feel a little bit more strongly than most people, but I couldn't agree with you more. We are supposed to just ignore what is happening to those poor children because of some fact checking? What is wrong with society? Anyway... I'm done. Hope you haven't gotten blown away yet :) The wind has been crazy here!

  2. My boyfriend and I took a break last summer too, so I know how you feel. Taking a "break" to reevaluate your relationship can seem so hard, and like one of the worst things in the world at the time, but honestly, it was one of the best things that my boyfriend and I could have ever done!
    You and Blake seem adorable, and I hope that this works out for the best for both of you! Just take this time to lose your self in God, and listen to his plans for your life <3


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