Bedroom Challenge.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Colby recently blogged a challenge to show your bedroom in it's natural state... and although, it is *so* embarrassing to show you these photos, I was determined to show you my room, disaster zone or not. :) 
 *to justify the boxes - that's all trash and junk i'm getting rid of from just my closet! Scary! Also, dead flowers. Also scary.*

After looking at these photos, my closet very well may be the most clean thing about my bedroom right now! Scary, scary! I made a to do list yesterday that I would clean out my closet (almost finished!), clean out my car (didn't do it at all), and clean my room (nope, didn't do that either). My reward for finishing my to do list was to go see Hunger Games with my brother and his fiancee at the new IMAX theater in town..... I still "rewarded" myself for not finishing my to do list. Ha!

Also, I need to vacuum.

xo Haley

ps you can view my actual room tour here and here. it's much cleaner in these photos ;)
pps I'll be back soon with a new "I love my city" post! It's one of my favorite spots. :)


  1. Despite the potential embarrassment, reading posts like this is so much fun!! Rest assured, my room looks pretty identical!

  2. stunning picures!
    colby send me here!

  3. My room looks just as bad throughout the week. I like to clean it up on the weekends, though. Two days a week it looks nice, at least.

    Amanda Rose

  4. I love these kinds of photos best! Especially the bed. I'm glad i'm not the only one who's room doesn't stay catalog perfect ;)


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