Back to School.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I've never really discussed it here on my blog, but this past fall, I took the semester off of school to kind of re-evaluate what I want to do (it's awful hard to choose classes when you have no idea which direction your life is going, so I was basically wasting time and money taking these random classes I had no interest in).
The time off has been wonderful. I got to enjoy and settle into my new pace of life. I get to enjoy my time at my new home, and I got to settle completely into the routine of my new job as a nanny. I absolutely love the way things are right now, which makes going back to school even harder (it is *so* completely true that once you quit, it's tough to go back).

Last year, I was just going to a community college (that I have a full scholarship for, so I'm going for free), and was just taking gen. ed classes and kind of blowing them off (like I said, I had no interest in them, so I wasn't spending quality time studying and all that). But in the Spring semester, I'm completely switching gears (still going to the same school, though), and doing a different program of study. I'm going to start taking classes to earn my certificate in Baking and Pastry Arts, and I couldn't be more excited. *side note, there's a woman next to me in Starbucks that has been talking on her phone since I've been here, which has been a long, long time*
Looking at the classes I need to complete to be certified makes going back to school so much more exciting and a ton less stressful. European Pastries and Classical Desserts? Cakes and Cake Decorating? Chocolate, Sugar and Confections? Sign. Me. Up.

I'm beyond thrilled to start this journey, and I definitely cannot wait to share it all with you!
Depending on classes and scheduling and all of that, I should be done and completely certified by December '12/January '13, so I can start working in a bakery! I'm so happy, and my heart feels so full.

Wish me luck!
xo Haley

**ps, I will be back tomorrow with my thoughts on Breaking Dawn Part One, because, duh, you know I have an opinion on this. :)


  1. Yay!! New adventures are always exciting! and this is extra exciting because I'm a chef. :]

  2. EEEEkkKKEEKKK! I'm so so excited for you. So excited.

  3. that's so exciting!
    yay for you, haley! : )

  4. Ohhh My Dear :) - a new adventure that I cannot wait to follow! It sounds exciting!!!!

  5. Haley - I am so happy for you. I look forward to keeping up with your adventure. ~Kelly

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