Watch the Throne.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This was seriously the best concert I've ever been to (and the Band of Horses show I went to last October has been hard to beat...). But I've been wanting to see Kanye since I first saw the video for Gold Digger on VH1 when I was 14 years old. Now, at 20, I finally got to see him! AND Jay Z! Life is good.

The show was absolutely amazing - everything I'd hoped it would be. It was just so... dramatic. Like, everything felt (I hate this word....) epic.
They performed all of the classics, and basically all of Watch the Throne (with the exception of my favorite, How I Love You). And on top of all of that, they did N****s in Paris 4 times in a row. Seriously, best night ever. Ever.
And of course, I got a t-shirt. Le sigh. #ilovekanye

(Many thanks to whoever it was who's already uploaded their videos from last night)

xo Haley


  1. Hi lovely, I am an avid follower of yours and I love your blog! so I would like to extent the olive branch and offer you this opportunity:

    Happy Decemember!
    Mary from

  2. awesome! i love kanye too. i really regret not going to see him when he played my college a few years ago. and that shirt is so great!


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