Rainy Day

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Today was a day dedicated to homework and watching girly movies. I'm so grateful Blake puts up with my movie choices (we watched The Proposal and Burlesque today. But, I have to say - I did turn on the Harry Potter marathon just for him for a bit). We went to Marshfield while my parents were out of town to wait on a package I have been expecting, so we took the day to get ahead on some homework since we will be in St. Louis for most of the coming week. (Beach House concert!)
Fun fact: I will only eat cashew chicken from Oriental Inn in Marshfield. Seriously. It's the best! I know that this style of cashew chicken originated in Springfield, but the cashew chicken around here is just plain nasty to me! Oriental Inn > Hong Kong Inn. Definitely.
Also: Blake and I are absolutely obsessed with Skrillex's remix of La Roux's In For The Kill. I hate to admit this (and he's gonna kill me for it!) but we are suckers for dubstep every now and then. We joke about how we are so gonna dance to this at our wedding... :)

xo Haley

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