Soon To Be Mrs. Tucker

Monday, April 30, 2012

So pretty much everyone knows already, but I had to make it "blog official." I'm engaged!
We went to downtown St. Charles (a historic town, just right outside of downtown St. Louis - the streets are made out of brick and all the shops are in old houses. It's the cutest!) - we just went to look around and maybe eat, but Blake had intentions of proposing there! It was so adorable, he was so nervous!

The ring was my great grandma's, from around the 1940's, I think. My grandma kept it in the original box with the wedding band in a little glass case with all of her mom's teacups, and so I've walked past it many, many times in my life. I've had my eye on it for quite some time! Finally, on Easter, I worked up the courage to ask her if I could try it on - and it fit perfectly! I think Blake knew that I loved it A LOT, so he took my grandma out for dinner and asked her if we could have it! And yes - he asked my dad for permission (!) and he even asked my best friend, Breigh (!!!).

We are so excited! We don't have any dates in mind just yet, but we have a timeframe we'd like to go with. My mom just asked for at least a year's notice so she can look hot at my wedding. ;)

Thank you for all the kind words when we broke the news yesterday! You all are seriously the. best.
We love you!
xo Haley

Oh, and PS - yesterday was just an exciting day all around! Right after we got engaged, we met little Amelia (and I finally met Janel's husband, Adam, after all these years of knowing her!), then we ate at Hooters (real classy! But Blake had never been there, so of course we had to go). We also went to a Florence + the Machine concert at the Peabody Opera House (gorgeous, gorgeous venue), and .... We MET her. No joke. More on that later. :)


  1. How exciting! Congratulations!
    And your ring is so gorgeous. How great to have something so meaningful with so much history!

  2. Congratulations, lady!!!! Beautiful ring :)

  3. This is so wonderful, I am so excited for you!

    Amanda Rose

  4. Ahhh congratulations Haley!!! You two look so happy! :)

    Can't wait to start reading posts about wedding planning! EEE!!

  5. Congrats. The ring is so beautiful, I love that is was your grandma's :) x

  6. Congratulations my dear! God will bless you!

  7. I've already said congrats but not blog official, hehe.
    You guys are so adorable together, I wish you both all the best :)


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