I Love My City: High Street Baptist Church

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This week I am featuring my church, High Street Baptist! Sorry for the Instagrams - I can never quite remember to take my camera to church. :) 

(the last photo is from a few Sundays ago, when we skyped with missionaries our church supports! It was pretty much the coolest!)

I have been attending HighStreet Baptist regularly for about a year now, but I started visiting every now and then close to two years ago, when Blake and I started dating (he's been going there since...forever). When I moved to Springfield, it was the obvious choice for a my new church home. I can't tell you how much I love this church. There are so many different ways to get involved, and everyone is so welcoming. My parents have visited a time or two, and they love it. I'm pretty sure they'd come to HSBC too, if it wasn't for the 30 minute drive!

After a few times visiting HSBC, I began to notice that High Street is very missions oriented. (My very first service I attended was a Sending Service to send missionaries to the Netherlands!) I love this about High Street - it makes me very proud to be able to help support our church members that have been called into mission work.

The video is a promo to my favorite series that we've had at church. If you follow the link, it'll lead you to a place on the church website to listen to the messages!

Thanks for reading about my church. :)
xo Haley

*PS! I just realized this yesterday, but our Worship Team's song "God of Victory" is now on Spotify! So if you have an account, look it up! You can also buy it on iTunes :) 

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