An Update.

Monday, February 13, 2012

You'll have to excuse my lack of makeup. I've been up since 4 am. 

I disappeared from my little old blog for 8 straight days! Along with feeling terribly guilty, I am also conflicted with feelings of relief. Sometimes you just need an actual break, you know? Very rarely in this past week have I even logged onto blogger, and I only checked on my "daily reads" every now and then. It felt nice. 

To explain my absence... 
Last Monday, I got incredibly sick [sorry for this next visual...]. Like, I was throwing up pink vomit. I'd had strawberries with my breakfast. Never again, friends. Never. Again. 
So I spent all day Monday in bed. As a testament to how bad I felt, I watched Sex and the City 2 three times in a row because I was too tired/nauseaus to get out of my bed to change out dvd's. If you've seen Sex and the City 2, you know that means I was REALLY sick. 
The past week has been easier on me, so it was really just a little 24 hour bug, which is a relief! I went to the doctor on Thursday (for other purposes; I'd had this appointment scheduled for nearly a month), only to be prescribed... ahem, happy pills, to get a handle on my anxiety (more on that in a bit), and we've started to figure out that I may very well have Acid Reflux Disease. Great.

About a month ago, I began having chest pains. My heart constantly felt like it was pounding/racing, I was having trouble breathing, and I would get dizzy at the most random times. I finally made a visit to urgent care, where I was put under every test possible (if you follow me on Intstagram, you might've seen these photos).

They tested about 6 different tubes of blood, put an IV in me, ran an EKG, and an ultrasound. I was there for way too long. Finally, after all the tests were normal, they told me that I was having Esophageal Spasms, which contribute to the chest pain - which makes me feel like my heart is hurting, when it's really not my heart at all. They gave me 2 different medicines, which both of them made me drowsy, and one knocked me out completely within 30 minutes of taking it. So those meds didn't exactly work for my schedule... So I scheduled an actual doctor appointment. Which has led to antidepressants for anxiety (which they think is causing my chest pain), and possibly Acid Reflux. 
I have a history with anxiety... it's attributed to a lot of problems in the past, and currently it's attacking my ability to drive when there is even a slight possibility of "winter weather." I hate treating a mental problem (ugh, I hate calling it that) with medicine, but if it's going to help me, then I'm going to continue taking my medicine. Ugh. 

So how have you been? I miss blogging lots. 
xo Haley


  1. :O what a day!

    ....or week i guess! I hope life is going well Hayhay, its been a while. lol

  2. Oh no! Hope you feel better love and get back to be happy haley!

  3. Blah, I feel ya. I've been on medication for anxiety, depression & insomnia for years... ugh. If you ever wanna talk/vent about it just send me an e-mail!!

  4. anxiety runs in my family and is extremely predomenate on my mothers side. when i feel like i'm going to have and anexity attack or feeling really anxious i like to really recognize it by saying/thinking "i'm feeling really anxious, i need to do something." by recognizing it i know that i'm not just freaking out for no reason which in turns makes me more anxious. then i look for what it is that's making me feel that way, which is generally really loud pointless noise (bad kids, window being down on the freeway, vacuums) and get away from it. maybe if you recognize what's making you anxious you could find a way to control it better with out medicine.

    i hope it works for you, by the way, what's your instagram? i'd love to follow you!


  5. aw bless you, that sounds dreadful. Hope you feel better soon.
    Listen, I used to feel the same way about medicating mental health illness, but one day a friend came to my house who I know suffers bipolar, she starting having an 'episode', and I swear to God it was the scariest thing I have even witnessed. This happened because she tried to come off her meds and 'get better' alone. Not do-able it turns out. So instead she chose to combine meds with alternative therapies, reduce the amounts gradually and maintain balance. She is much much better now. We should all talk about this stuff more right? :)


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