Bringing Amelia Home.

Monday, February 20, 2012

In the past few years, God has blessed me in so many ways with the amazing friendship of Janel. She's been such a big sister to me, and she'll never know how grateful I've been for all of the texts and emails full of advice. :)

Janel and her husband Adam are adopting a little girl soon (in like, a week!), and as overjoyed as they are and Auntie Haley ;) ... Adoption costs money, and with a little over a week to go, $25,000 is a lot to come up with!
If you follow Janel's blog, then you are probably aware of all of the awesome opportunities available to give to this amazing family. But just in case you don't, here are some different ways!

* Quilt squares for Amelia
* An online yard sale full of original Elsie paintings
* Option to donate any amount of your choice
* Janel's Etsy shop is open for business! Her shop is full of cute prints all in the theme of helping her adopt, and her past online classes!

Be sure to stop by Janel's blog and wish her luck and maybe even help Janel & Adam bring sweet baby Amelia home. :)

Love you Janel! Your sweet family is in my prayers. ♥
xo Haley

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