What's on My Desk

Monday, January 23, 2012

The other day, during my room tour, I showed a little peek at my desk, so I thought it would be fun to do a weekly feature based on what is on my desk at the moment. For the first installment, I cleaned up my desk and made it "presentable," which I'm pretty sure Blake was making fun of me for*. But after this one, I promise to show you the true colors of my desk. ;)                

1. Yes, I still have my 'stocking' up from Christmas. I just love Christmas so much. Oh, and the sweet little "I love you" bunting was made by my cute boyfriend. 2. I keep a few of my books on my desk, mainly the ones I'm reading at the moment, or wanting to read soon. And that little photo is of my mom and me when I was a little one! 3. I am obsessed with all of the cute little containers in the $1 section of Target. I seriously buy them every time I go! I have a cute felt one in my bathroom. Obsessed.  4. A little stash of yarn. I'm currently *attempting* to learn how to knit. Attempting, being the key word. 5. My mom got me the book, "Where's Mom Now That I Need Her?" for Christmas, I think as a joke. Well, I will not lie to you... this book has helped me a TON. I have things highlighted, corners bent to save a page, and bookmarks all over this book. It's amazing!

*and yes, this is my desk when it's clean.

So, what's on your desk? :)

xo Haley


  1. it's funny to me that a man wrote the mom book. haha. : )

  2. Love this! You can learn how to knit! Check out youtube videos if you get stuck. They are a liiiiiifesaver! :)


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