Instagram Style.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I've been kind of lacking on taking actual photos of my outfits lately, which sucks because I've been wearing some cute outfits these days! (well, at least I think so.. haha!)
So without further ado, my outfit posts, Instagram Style.
 I wore this outfit last Sunday to church... the tights are so stinking comfortable, and the boots were a Christmas gift from Blake! dress - Francesca's Collections// Tights, Cardigan, Socks - Forever 21// 
Boots - Journeys// Scarf - borrowed from my roommate :) 
I can't remember when I wore this... but it was a while ago, before Christmas I'm pretty sure. 
Cardigan, socks - Target//Necklace - Urban Outfitters// Shirt, Tank - borrowed from roommate//
 Jeggings, ring - Forever 21// boots - Steve Madden
This was what I wore for New Years Eve... the heels didn't last long at all.
Shirt, necklace, jeggings - Forever 21// Tank - H&M// Heels - Target

 And I thought I'd just include this for fun :) I wore this yesterday to work...totally slumming it. I worked three 12 hour days in a row... rough. I was supposed to work again today, but the snow/ice kept me in! I don't mind, but I miss my kiddos! I usually wear cuter clothes to work, but keep it kid friendly, since I'm chasing them around all day, and playing in the floor with them.
 Gotta keep it comfy!

Hopefully, once it's not so cold, I'll take some proper outfit photos!
xo Haley


  1. I just found your blog recently and I've got say I enjoy it so far! You've got super cute style! :)
    - Emily

  2. you are so cute my dear girl. every outfit you posted i'd wear too! we have similar style i think! you're adorable. post more please!!

  3. You are one stylishg girl! Love your taste in fashion :)


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