Saturday, October 1, 2011

photo by Colby Kern, last October

This month means:

* pumpkin patches and carving pumpkins
* scary movies that I've never seen before
* haunted houses with my Blake, Colby, and Colby's Blake
* moving into a new apartment with Anna
* making said apartment feel like home
* Paranormal Activity 3 at midnight
* getting our tshirts ready for Breaking Dawn at midnight
* getting new glasses, so I can see at least a little bit
* hugging my parents a whole bunch, they do a lot for their only daughter

I think this month is gonna be pretty great, don't you?

xo Haley


  1. October also means Colby's birthday! Just saying :)

  2. that's an awesome photo miss!

    ps: check out my blog for some great giveaways!! there's two up already and there will be one a day for the next few weeks!


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