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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So I moved out nearly two months ago, and have been loving life on my own. (Seriously, Breigh- you'll love it, too! Can't wait to live with you soon, biffsters!)
Along with the fantastic independence that comes with living on your own, there's also so much responsibility. It's crazy!
Here's a few (fun?) things I noticed about myself after living on my own for 2 months:

*Anna and I don't have a dishwasher in our place, so I had to learn not to complain when I have to clean up my dishes.
*I used to dread doing laundry at my family's house - but I love laundry days now that I'm on my own. Maybe because I only have to worry about my clothes and not everyone else's?
*I go to bed earlier than I ever did when living with my parents. And I go to bed without watching tv, which was a tough habit to break!
*Speaking of TV - Anna & I don't have one! I make due with Instant Netflix & Hulu on my laptop & semi okay wifi connection, though.
*As much as I love baking - I've only baked one cake while here, and even then - I messed that one up!
*I can go anywhere, anytime, which is nice. Blake and I have gone to see movies at 10 pm before because I now live 5 minutes away from the theater instead of 30. so nice!
*I'm bad at grocery shopping. I'm very absent minded, and I just start picking things up off the shelves that I don't really need. &&&& HAVE YOU SEEN THE PRICE OF CHEESE?! $4?! I've never bought cheese before, so I had no idea.
*I go to church more now than I did when living at home.
*I had an "I'm A Big Girl Now" Aha moment the other day while on my way to work. I had bought groceries, I bought my own gas, and am getting ready to make an insanely large purchase (more on that later..) soon. I'm such a big kid! I've been very blessed to have parents that paid for my gas every week, but now that I actually have a real job, I have started paying for it, and although I dread having to go get gas, I enjoy being able to pay for it myself.

I'm so excited for Colby to be back in Springfield! The boy has yet to see my apartment, and I can't wait to help him shop for things for his new place! The best friends will soon be reunited, and I'm STOKED! :)

So what have you been up to lately? I've just been working (and loving my job, by the way!) and hanging out with Blake (and his friends on #hipstertuesday. Haha! I'll blog about it next week, maybe!). Also thinking about making some changes to the blog to help me blog more often. Ever since moving, blogging has been a fun, side project for me, and I want to be more serious about it again. So we shall see. Have any suggestions? :)

xo Haley


  1. hehe, i liked this post as it reminded me a lot of when i first left home. you're going to realize a lot more things about yourself, it's a great time for learning about you. being independant is a lovely feeling...

    and yes, cheese is mighty expensive...and lot's of other things are too. being independant can be pricey! but like you said, it feels pretty good knowing that you, and only you, paid for it!

    ps: for some reason i'm signed into blogger but it won't let me sign in to comment. anyway, it's carly from teacups and bubble baths :)

  2. i loved your post! I'm 21 and still living with my parents because here in Chile it's very complicated to move out when you're still in college. Now I feel I REALLY want to move out, but also, university here lasts many years :( but well, i'm willing to go living for a year to UK next year, if I get the scholarship i want. It's very fun to ready your new 'discoveries', maybe you should write more about that? I don't know haha i have no idea. :)

  3. Yay - so exciting for you! When I moved out on my own, I felt like I was "playing house" for the first six months or so. It's tough being on your own but so worth it! Enjoy every minute!! :)

  4. The beginning of living on your own is so exciting! =] Glad you're having such a great time so far!

  5. It was soo much fun to move out on my own! living independently was great. i didn't have my parents on my butt all the time about where i was or where i was going. and then money ran out sadly and i had to move back in with the parents. i cried.


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