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Friday, August 26, 2011

Outfit Details: flower hair clip + sunglasses - borrowed from Anna// button up + undershirts - Forever 21// jeans - American Eagle// flats - AE for Payless

I wore this last night on a little date with my sweet boyfriend. He was kind enough to snap these photos for me. :) We had dinner at Aviary, the cute creperie downtown. After that we made a stop at Starbucks for tea, and then we went to the Moxie to see The Trip. It was funny..but I got slightly bored at some parts, which I was afraid of happening! The trailer was so hilarious, but it looked at had potential to be boring.

I've been a nanny for two full weeks now! I absolutely love it! It doesn't feel like "work," which is fantastic, and I don't dread going to work like I have with every other job I've had. I love it, I'm glad I got this job.
I'm not going to school this semester, so the past few days have been strange. It's funny though - I don't feel like I should be there. Ha. So I don't know why things feel so weird!
Breigh's not going either! By the way - stop by her blog and congratulate her on her new hair color! It's pretty. :)

I finally got to hang out with Colby! I'd missed that boy a lot, a lot! I'm so glad he's finally back, and that we live in the same city for the first time since high school! This should be a good and exciting year.

xo Haley


  1. Oh my word, lady, you are just TOO adorable. I really love your style, by the way. I actually wanna try some flats on next time I am shopping! :]

    I love hearing about you and your boyfriend, I swear you guys do the cutest things. :3

    So happy to hear you love your job so much. I always hear people (including myself, haha) talk about how much they hate their jobs so it's refreshing. ;)

    I feel terrible about never commenting on your blog. But I always read. So I guess that makes me a creepy lurker.. awkward.. but hopefully I'll get back to commenting regularly! :) ♥

  2. That starbucks is an essential accessory! I love your style :)


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