Snow Day!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The weather here is absolutely awful! As you can see by my father's [fake] expression. He totally posed for this photo.
My momma and I have been crafting up a storm all afternoon. I first started out with Valentines for my bestie, but got bored with that. I've since moved onto a sweet little banner for my favorite Bleubirds . What a sweet little family they have:)

and this is our *spectacular* view of I-44 from our front window of the house.. Quite the view, eh? There is hardly any traffic at all on the interstate, and if there is, its all semi's that are barely moving.
ALSO! As I mentioned yesterday, hope on over to Janel's Etsy and buy things! You could be the proud new owner of this painting... (of course, the full picture will be on her Etsy soon).
Earlier, we watched The Last Song, mom and dad braved the cold and blizzard to go to Walmart, and now daddy just made snow ice cream. Its SO good! :)
Have a wonderful evening. Stay warm ♥
xo Haley

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