Ew, ServSafe.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I have a massive ServSafe exam tonight that determines if I'm certified for the next five years.
I am in minor freak out mode right now.
But, I am using this as my motivation to get me through:

I AM going to own a cupcakery someday, gosh darn it.
It sort of helped that Colby and I skipped our math class to thrift for a bit, go to Red Velvet for (much needed) Bubble Tea, and then McDonalds for happy meals (Hello Kitty watches, that's what's up). Its been a good day. So far.
Now... time to study for this silly test.
Wish me luck. :)
xo Haley

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  1. rgh i know how you feel. im currently studying for an exam tomorrow. it determines if i graduate or not. OY


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