the itch.

Monday, August 30, 2010

I want, want, WANT to cut my hair so bad!! Like, chop it off!
Much like this...
Breigh and I pretty much switched hairstyles. My hair kept growing, and she cut all of hers off!

But anywho... I am setting up a much needed hair appointment with Miss Sarah very soon. I doubt I'll do anything drastic, just get some of the dead ends and nastiness off! :)
I took some laaame photos today:

and then... the other night, I made this:

I also made one for Tyler's 6 year old niece. She and I are pretty tight, via mailing junk to each other. :)
This was a fairly pointless post. Mostly because I did absolutely nothing productive with my day.
Maybe tomorrow will be better?!
Much love!
xoxo Haley


  1. You are so cute! My hair has gotten super long lately... I always grow it really long, then I'll go in to get my hair done one day and just end up chopping it off, haha.


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